Yoga with Rebecca Santillo

"Rebecca is extremely knowledgeable and explains the moves and poses, as well as as the breathing very well. She is very motivating and enthusiastic and encourages participation and questions." - corporate yoga client


Nothing could be more convenient than having a yoga class right at your work place. Clients include Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven Public Schools, Bead Industries and Liberty Mutual. If you would like to bring yoga to your job, just send me an e-mail now at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Corporate Yoga?

Yoga is also a great way to encourage team building and manage stress. Corporate yoga is a convenient and cost effective way to help your employees boost their overall health and wellness. Warning: side effects may include decreased absenteeism and increased productivity. 

Who Can Take the Classes?

Yoga is a great workout for everyone - No matter your age or your athletic ability. Employees will learn basic postures, breathing and meditation techniques. All levels are welcome!

Where Can We Hold the Classes?

A conference Room, empty office space or lunch room are all suitable options.

When Can We Hold the Classes?

Before work, during the lunch hour or after work. Classes are typically 45 minutes to an hour.

Mats & Props

Employees can bring their own or the company invests in the purchase of the props.

Payment Options

1. Employer Pays

2. Employee Pays

3. Cost Sharing

The First Class is Free!

Not quite ready to commit? The first class is on me. Email me today to get started [email protected]